Samsung 49″ QN49Q6DR Ultra 4K QLED Smart TV

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What is the warranty for televisions?

Answer: All televisions are covered by our 30 day in-store warranty. This warranty is extended to all original accessories including remote, smart remotes and tablet-based remotes.

What is the return policy?

Answer: If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may return it within 7 days for a full refund.

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New from factory. This item has not been previously owned or used by a consumer. The only time the retail box has been open was at our warehouse during time of inspection.


This item has been previously owned by an individual and rated 95-100% of the original condition. Most of the accessories may still be sealed in factory packaging.


This item has been previously owned by an individual and rated 90-95% perfect of the original condition. Only upon the closest inspection would reveal any signs of use or handling.


This item has been previously owned and does show moderate signs of use or blemishes. This item is rated 80 to 89% of the original condition. Any cosmetic imperfections on the LCD are less than 5mm in length or less than 1% of the screen surface.


This item is for the deal hunting aficionado. There may be scratches or blemishes (i.e. scuffs, dead pixel, dark spot or burn-in) on the LCD screen. But the unit can still be enjoyed without the viewing experience detracted too much.