About Us

Welcome to DP’s Electronics.

In 2001, we began reselling open-boxed electronics in a small 400 sq. ft. retail space. Within a few years and several warehouse facilities later, we are still dedicated to provide the same service to our valuable customers.

Today, we make it our top priority to provide sustainable solutions that benefits the environment, retailers, our OEM partners and most importantly–our customers.

Direct Remarketing

Our processes are implemented for efficiency and transparency. We warehouse, inspect and restore products to marketable condition within our facilities to eliminate unnecessary third parties.

For our customers, this means you will receive the best value for high-quality, thoroughly inspected products. For our B2B partners, we can guarantee the best pricing on electronics pallets with accurately manifested loads.

According to research conducted by Accenture in 2011, it found that up to 20% of all electronic goods sold are returned to retailer. Of those returns, reason-for-return such buyer-remorse accounted for 27% and 68% of returns were no-faults-found (NFF, NTF). Shockingly, products with actual defects accounted for only 5% of all returns.

Our top priority is to increase recoverability rates with all returns to reduce unnecessary waste that ultimately end in landfills.

Our partner solutions allow retailer and manufacturers to minimize the expenses to process, warehouse, test and re-market returned merchandise. We help eliminate unnecessary parties to reduce cost and importantly reduce the time it takes to prepare products for resell.

Accenture Report—“A Returning Problem: Reducing the Quantity and Cost of Product Returns in Consumer Electronics,” by David Douthit, Michael Flach
and Vivek Agarwal, 2011.